AV Media Solutions - Seeing is Believing

We, AV Media Solutions (An Audio Visual Solutions Company) are one of the leading Audio Video Solutions On an AV platform, the supplier and system integration company. Our company was founded with one of these objectives in mind to become one of the best companies in the field of Audio Visual and Systems Integration IT specializing in systems integration.

We focus on understanding our customers' technology requirements, challenges and goals, laying the keystone of our customer-centric solutions. Virtual teams made up of our leading integrated solutions finished engineers, project managers, and industry analysts collaborate to craft end-to-end solutions that can be deployed and sulocally or globally.

We provide high quality solutions that combine performance and value, and establish success relationship with our customers and our suppliers. Each system designed, installed, sold or leased will be of the highest professional benchmark. Personnel training and intellectual exchange will remain unchanged, bringing value to the customer's investment. Skilful and diligent execution within budget and on time is what makes our commitments a reality.

We are committed to providing prompt and quality customer service at every stage and at all levels of operations. Service and excellence are two fundamental values that we strongly believe in. Persistent expertise development and global knowledge enable us to give the most cutting-edge technology and A/V integration solutions. We are having factory trained technical manpower to take care of after sales and service supports.

We plan, develop, install, and service high-quality audiovisual products from the world's most reputable manufacturers. From projectors, displays and audio and video conferencing systems to interactive electronic whiteboards, microphones, speakers, cables, accessories, and more, we cover the entire spectrum of audio-visual technology.

We work closely with our customers to deliver the perfect balance of AV hardware, software and services that will meet the needs of your project and organisation.

We also provide audio equipment, audio visual solutions, LCD projectors, plasma TVs, professional sound reinforcement systems, and event solutions for various types of events, trade shows, parties, symposiums, and exhibitions across India.